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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Again with the nasty.....

So tonight I am sitting here shoveling yet again more junk food down my throat. My once 120 pound body for the last 4 years being 30 pounds overweight, give or take at any given time. My excuse is that why should I loose the weight if only to get pregnant again??? I know it will happen, or do I just keep telling myself that to justify it. Like I tell myself with my handbag purchases, the more you spend the better made they are, the longer they last. Right???? Sure. That's right. It works for me.

Which brings me to the nasty....I wish that I had not been raised as well as I have. In three separate moments in time tonight that I had wanted to say, "What the fuck? SHUT UP!!!!!!!!" First moment, I belong to some Yahoo groups, ranging from events, Mommy groups and trying to conceive a second child, I am reading posts and sometimes I wonder what these people are thinking when they post some of the things they post, like huh? Are you the person that doesn't think before they speak? WTF? SHUT UP!!!! But I was raised properly, so instead of saying anything I shut up. Delete it and move on.
Second moment, I sell on EBAY, a woman purchases 3 sets of new in package tights, all about $3.00 a pair, so say $9.00 new at the store, she then pays for priority shipping $3.85 plus the cost of the items $1.99, and has the gall to bitch that she has to pay $1.30 for insurance and why would I have insurance on tights????? So she paid less for the 3 pairs including shipping and insurance than if she got up off her fat ass and went to the store itself. Insurance......Hummmmm, for buyers like you, you nit wit. Again, WTF? SHUT UP!!!!
Third moment, and I feel badly about this, my Mom just called, asked me how I felt, my throat still acting up after a week, I say " I think I am going to have to call the MD, I don't want to but it's been a week and its starting to affect my breathing". My Mom says "well what if you are pregnant???You can't take meds" HUH MOM? NEWSFLASH.....I have not been pregnant since Princesses birth on 11/30/2001!!!!!You were there!!!!!!!Thanks for the reminder that I been trying for close to 2 years now!!!!Ummm and there are meds you can take if you are pregnant, oh and if I am it's like 7 days. Breathing must not be all that important. Apparently all that Xanax and booze didn't harm the Princess because she was unplanned, got pregnant on the pill, ironic isn't it? So what is a little cold medicine going to do? Not that I would take anything regardless, it just pissed me off, so because she's my Mom and my best friend, just a small be quiet.

Enough already, breathe oh wait thats wheeze and let it all go........until tomorrow.


  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger Mandy said…

    You don't known me, but I am a friend of a friend.

    I am also experiencing secondary infertility and want to give you a big hug. I think that casual references to "your next baby" and "so are you thinking about the next pregnancy?" are some of the most painful comments I have had to deal with recently.

    Welcome to blogging! I look forward to following your site.

  • At 9:51 AM, Blogger Sandy said…

    My friend, you and I need ourselves our very own Mom's night out. Is there some cheesey chick flick we can go to and gorge our fat asses on goobers and greasy popcorn? What the heck, we can even invite a few of the other gals we'd be caught dead in public with. :)


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