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Sunday, March 27, 2005


So, my girlfriend gets me started on this blogging thing. I read some incredibly amusing, sad, inspiring, and happy stories. All run the gamut of my emotions. I actually find that taking time to sort out and actually write down my feelings is incredibly fufulling. I sit back and look at the few blogs and realize, "oh my your negative", better change your ways. I find that stupid people piss me off, and I don't let go.

I have in laws who are actually certifiable, which pisses me off. Just last week while we were visiting, the held court in the kitchen stating that "I was a bitch", which of course leads to an ultimatum to my husband of "you better take care of it or I will" so he trudges off to fix things, which will never be fixed because the bi polar MIL and the creepy FIL don't want it to be, they just want my first born to be "their" child, they have made that quite clear, crystal, so that even my husband sees it and thinks its creepy.

As for my fertility saga, 16 months of trying, 4 of which with medical intervention have appeared to pay off, last Monday I took an HPT and received a BFP. Followed up my a blood test and doubling at the RE"s office. Ironic thing is my first child 3+ years ago was conceived while on the BC pill. So the actually diagnosis of infertility was mind boggling to me. I thank my MD's but am so paranoid and in such disbelief, that I don't want to get too excited, this to me is utterly ridiculous, this is what I wanted more than anything, how come I am not bouncing off the walls? I do want to shout it from the roof tops, but don't want to tell anyone until 16 weeks, I have told 2 friends, who I trust emmesely, my Mom and Dad, sister and brother in law and feel I have told too much but just want to scream it out loud!!!!! Yet when I open my mouth nothing comes out????????

A lovely Easter spent with my DD and family, minus the husband who had to work as per usual. The in laws of course having to cast a cloud over the day with the "oh I hope you took pictures, we never get to see her" OH PLEEEAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEE. The guilt she tries to lay on her son, is only to be doled out to her youngest as he is the only one in the state as his older brother was smart enough to get the hell away from the crazy bitch.

Cutting out the negativity in my life should just be that easy of cutting the in laws out of it, and actually cutting back on the amount of money I spend, the only source of irritation between my husband and I.

Humm the BIG FAT POSITIVE, in more ways than one, choosing not to deal with the inlaws, looking forward to my days at home with the DD, just the two of us, another obstacle hurdled with BFP, my lovely husband, an US on 4/6. AND even maybe the sale of one of my husbands junker trucks in the AM.

Things are looking good and I am happy and content...not a first but a rarity it seems. LOL


  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger Sandy said…

    I'm still all giggly over your news, you know. ;) Anyway, I think after the weeks we've both had of late, you and I need a nice day OUT with no men and no kids. I was going to suggest a day at a mall but I'm guessing our collective wallets would be better off if we didn't. ha!

  • At 5:56 PM, Blogger Mandy said…

    I am so very excited for you! Congratulations. You and Sandy have some nice outings to celebrate!


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