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Sunday, March 13, 2005

If ignorance is bliss

If ignorance is bliss than this sure has been one relaxing weekend, for some moron, certainly not the person dealing with stupidity such as myself. Feeling quite sub par, as I still have a lingering sore throat. Yes, this is my fault but I am not interested in venturing to the local yokel MD to be put on 10 days of an antibiotic to gain a yeast infection because he/she is afraid to prescribe a shorter span because I am 7 days post IUI. So shopping at the local Shoprite on Friday to deal with all of the ignorance entailed in just maneuvering the store, the girl bagging my groceries annouces her brother is incarcerated for making terrorist threats for 10 years, in one of the least desirable prisons here in the state, and just because I am not feeling myself, whereas there is usually some self control, I look directly at her and say "he must have done something more than that to get 10 years sweetie" I then turn on my heel and say have a nice day to the lovely cashier and exit. Moron girl, probably had sex at 14 because they guy told her he loved her.

Sex at 14 really showed at the local dollar store, all I needed was a scrub brush. Now I know why I enjoy shopping in high end stores. Need I say more????

Saturday yielded more stupidity, the AMEX girl who after holding me up on the phone to find out my AMEX card is not eligible for concert tickets proceeds to give me useless information which results in me hanging up on her only to then scramble to get through to Ticketmaster online and via telephone to only obtain 2 tickets instead of the needed 8 for Motley Crue. A concert which I had no plans on attending anyway. My plans are to be pregnant on or before August of this year. Which for me is not conducive to attending a rock concert of has beens, sorry hubby but when you saw them the first time they were cool. She'll probably be at the concert with her t-shirt above her head and think Vince is really looking at her.

Then brings me to my sister whom I love dearly and is my best friend but her snotty comments resulting from my lack of enthusiasm to attend the concert and my reasons behind it resulted in me ticked off. Apparently sympathetic as she is to my fertility or lack of fertility situation does not fully sink into her or her best friends head. Her best friend lives in this area also, moving down 2 years prior to us, and I have seen her in the last 2 years enough times to count on one hand. Now that she is pregnant she feels the need to be "intouch" with me. Only after patronizing me through my sister as to her pregnancy and my lack of. Mind you I have a gorgeous 3 year old daughter.????????? I am very happy for anyone who becomes a parent, it is a wonderful crazy experience. BUT, here's the butt. Do not say to someone especially trying to conceive that you are unsure about conceiving and follow it up with "huummmm, my husband doesn't want to have to move his stuff out of the baby's room". Bite me, and don't call me, your my sisters friend, not mine. Oh and we made fun of you in college.

Because of my "illness" I did escape the bi weekly trip to the inlaws, which thus far has been the highlight of my weekend. Sad but true. Maybe intelligence is not all it's cracked up to be.


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