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Thursday, March 10, 2005

One Crazy Mama, this is who I have become.

I at 35 years of age now realize I have become one crazy Mama. I was never the cookie cutter girl so as a Mom why should I be? Sure I was girly, still am, nail polish, dresses, shoes and a handbag obsession. Never the type to speak when spoken to, I always speak what I want, when I want it, actaully that's not true for the most part I TRY to be respectful and polite, but it's hard. So very hard in a world filled with ignorance. I grew up in a lovely town full of the haves and have nots, looking as if I had it all, but in reality did not most of the time. In a town where the median income is 110k a year....at that is why we moved to a town where the median income is 31k a year, and forgive me for my snobbish air but it shows. With this move I was able to become a stay at home Mom, a title I am so very proud of. I am the proud Mama of one very beautiful, smart fresh 40 month old princess. I am married to someone who is my world, though I wouldn't admit it to him, he is the best thing aside from the birth of my daughter ever to happen to me. This is where I am now, trying to be the best Mom and wife to my husband and daughter. I am hoping that in my writings I can see how and why I got to this point. I am struggling with secondary infertility, insane inlaws and my wonderful family that has it's own struggles that as a member real me into them. I am at the far end of the spectrum from normal so I assume I am just One Crazy Mama.


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