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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well, here's sorta a shit eating grin......

For some reason today I have some sort of shit eating grin on my face. I don't know why but maybe it's attributed to my BFP, MY BFP, MY BFP!!!!!! If I can't scream it outside I'll write it. Tomorrow marks 1 week until an ultrasound, please God let everything be OK!!!!

Or maybe it could be that my inlaws are leaving on 4/8 for 2 weeks and the poor DH has to call his wack job Mom today and explain to her that if she can't have respect for any of us or our wishes that she can go scratch. He's prepared for this, dreading it, but prepared. And he will not allow her to come after me via phone to upset me, possibly because of the BFP, must more likely that I will tell her to go f herself and hang up on her. She has been told this before and driven to our house when we were 30 minutes South of her, now we are an hour south, and I won't open the door, I'll just call the cops and DH has told her this. LMAO!!!!

Or maybe that the truck, that I want to be gone so badly, has 3 interested parties, so God willing it will be gone this week.

Or maybe despite a 3:30 AM pee pee accident (second one this week) for a little girl who has been potty trained for about 8 months now, who just started sleeping in big girl panties, about 2 weeks ago, didn't get on the sheets, thus resulting in me only having to clean her up and not completely change a toddler bed.

Or maybe because the weather is going to be nice this week, and the princess and I can go out in the sun and play with some friends.

Or maybe I have been blessed with this wonderful life and just have a good attitude today, that all is going to be just fine.


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