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Monday, April 25, 2005


I fight a battle in the pre-schooler war almost daily, the usuals are the "toy battle" in takes place in the playroom, and follows as such the Princess and I go head to head regarding "who is going to clean up the toys".
There is the "dinner table battle", which takes place at just that, whereas we battle over the food itself, how and why it needs to be eaten, quantity and so forth. This battle really gets me, downright pisses me off, due to the fact that the Princess chooses her own food-within reason and a vegetable never passes her lips.
We have the "lotion on the face battle", you see Princess isn't a fruit, vegetable or water person, so she has dryer skin which needs moisturizer, and she hates this.
There used to be the "washing of the hair battle" but this battle is seldom fought anymore after threats of "we could just cut your hair off", "not my golden hair, I will look like a boy" so this battle was really won my the Crazy Mama herself.
We have lastly the most gruesome battle, all though I am sure there are others or will be of more or less significance "the poop poop battle", this isn't really my battle to fight, Princess alone, I just observe all the while my heartbreaking. I sit in the hallway, banished from the battlefield, while a tiny little girl struggles to go poop poop fighting the constipation battle all alone.
All the while I offer comfort and support, suggestions of fruit and water all helping to ease the bowel movements, also while sitting there tonight I actually fixed a stain on the new vinyl floor-with of all things, white out.
After 1 week of constipation and reluctantly last night one dose of "Little Tummy's Laxative", Princess conquered this battle of constipation.

VICTORY!!!!! For now.....


  • At 8:38 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Oh, I hope this makes for a happier girl! Glad to hear she's doing better this evening. poor kid.


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