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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Worried Sick

Tonight I sit here, absolutely terrified that something is wrong, that horrible news is going to be bestowed on me tomorrow and aside from my medical DX. My Princess is experiencing some sort of "gastro thing" according to the peditrician, who I adore yet has yet to see DD to actually DX her, which pisses me off. The poor baby threw up in the local food store on Friday, briefly, it was over in a few minutes and she "felt fine" yet her BM have not been regular for her to say the least. Today's installment of panic Mommy was a soft stool the color of a file folder. She says she feels fine, there is no fever, but she has a loss of appetite, except for when it comes to junk, which I am trying to abstain from giving her. My DH just keeps telling me to listen to the MD's they know what they are doing. I hope he's right. Is it tomorrow yet?


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