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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Scatter brain

Well this post is scatter brained, which is not unusual for me lately.
My house is under construction, well the outside is, but that doesn't explain as to why EVERY room in the house is an absolute mess. When the work is being done by your faux BIL and he stays here it boots me out of my computer room. Oh and the 2 tons of dirt I moved into my backyard in the rain, then planting hosta. Hence the lack of posting.

My DD has been an absolute gem these days, seems shes growing in leaps and bounds, mentally and physically. While washing her butt length hair we piled it on top and made a point, she then stated " I am an Rhino", LOL. She cracks me up and thank God for as always but especially these days.

Have been having some difficulty with the death of my dear friend, don't know why it's been 3 1/2 years but it's troubling me as of late.

Finally got my period today, yeah!!!!!! 6 weeks to the day after my D & C. Now just have to call my RE and make an appointment for my HSG, OH NOOOOOOOOO. Just want to get the reproductive show on the road again. Found out today another Mommy in my Mom's group is PG, sad thing is I like her very much, but I can't seem to be happy for her, and the funny thing is lots of ladies in my infertility groups are getting PG and I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM, was trying to figure this one out, am I only happy for you if you struggle to get PG?? The answer is no, my friend T is PG, absoultely fantastic, I am so happy for her. Perky boobs is PG and I don't want her near me, patronizing biotch. So what gives????

Have a long laundry list of issues lately and was fairing quite well these days, was to rain again today, yet it did not,DD was a gem today, actually cooked a real meal, and then my day just turned sour...a PG, not mine of course brought to light that I should be 13 weeks today, just out of my 1st trimester. The coworker of DH, whose wife I dispise, also our neighbor,must be running himself ass deep in debt because they just had the exact thing we were going to do to our yard done before we could do it, (lack of funds and siding needs to be done first)mind you he makes 40K less than my DH so where he is pulling the money out of I don't know.



  • At 7:02 PM, Blogger Mandy said…

    I, too, seem to be surrounded by newly pregnant women and I have felt everything from joy for them to apathy for some and downright anger over one of the pregnancies.

    Your dd sounds so cute with the Rhino hair! I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you!


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