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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well it's one of those days, let's talk about he said she said bullshit... thanks Fred Durst but thats how I feel.

Dh is home again today second day in row complaining of illness but no noticable symptoms, yet I know he doesn't feel well as he NEVER stays home and sits around, his sick time is play time.

So I have an IUI coming up sometime over the weekend, they say well sickness can cause a lower count....uh come on, it's almost July WTF with being ill already? Don't I have enough to worry about? At the very least in my mind I do.

Also have my major fundraiser this weekend, not that I have to actually work it, but I MUST attend.

The other is if you are well qualified to head something, have experience and all the right moves, personality and appearance along with connections, why would someone not take advantage of your offers to help? I think because she doesn't like me. Yup, that's it because deep down she knows I know she's trash and she can't hide it. And I am a bitch and don't hide that. Piss on her then.

And the Princess is pissy today too, have a nice day!!!!


  • At 9:02 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    There is SOMETHING in the air. It tracks down 3 year olds and makes them snotty mean. We should have put the two of them in a room together, locked the door and had a bottle of wine. ;)

  • At 6:45 AM, Blogger Mandy said…

    wow! glad I don't live where you two do and I hope that whatever it is in the air there passes right over here!

    sick guys are the WORST. Here I am lifting my cyber drink to you! I hope today is a lot better!


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