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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


So this is an essay on "How I spent My 4th of July Weekend", with a sort of coming of age at the end.

My weekend started out with Foundation Benefit for my dearest friend who passed on 9/11. This BBQ is to honor his memory and celebrate his birthday, 7/4. The whole thing is bittersweet, yes, the money raised goes to a fabulous cause, yes, we celebrate his birthday, but with the bagpipers piping, Amazing Grace into Happy Birthday into Yankee Doodle Dandy, tears streamed down my face, bottom line is he is not there. The whole thing just breaks my heart. My heartbreaking is probably the reason I have yet to post any real insight into 9/11 as of yet, way too upsetting. You see I remember 9/11 everyday when I look up and see the picture of my dearest friend who is longer here on earth, yet I know he is here with me.

So onto the second of three BBQ's for me, well boy was this not uncomfortable, high school friends of DH's, ones we have seen as recent as 2 weeks ago at a wedding of which was the first time meeting the bride. Hummmmm, out of a dozen people I was glad to see the hostess and her 4 year old son, whom of which Princess delighted in playing with and he was such a gentleman. Far cry from his father. The wedding was the same group of people which DH had attending HS with and we as a couple had spent every waking moment with for 6 years of our relationship, yet the women, minus the hostess were all new, finds of the aging boys via the internet. Good lord. Aging oh so ungracefully these young men, now grab at whatever they may hook, line and sinker, they marry them. PUKE.

Off to the third BBQ, or Carnival as the case really truly was. Prefacing this with the question, "How much is too much?" This was to be a backyard 4th of July BBQ. Catered with a hot dog cart, slushy machine, pretzel vendor, popcorn vendor, sushi bar, any God's quantity of alcohol, amusement rides and games, oh and the standard $150,000.00 pool, tennis and basketball courts and hot tub and the store bought children's 30K swingset. Yes, I said store bought, while many of us struggle to have children or are even blessed with one or many, my girlfriend (who I use the term with much sarcasms) purchased hers, so much so that she purchased 4 and returned the 2 she disliked. My little Princess was so puzzled by it all that she asked " Mommy, where's my Nanny?" I said "well Princess, why do you ask? " She said "well then you could go sit down over there or play tennis." I said "why do you want one?" She replied "No, I like you better." So I am assuming this is a compliment.
:-) This along with jumping in the jumping tent with my daughter was the highlight of my day.

My lesson learned was as recent as this week I had an email conversation with another Mom in my Mommy group and as I himmed and hawed as to how great my former hometown county was, I found driving home last night, thanking my DH profusely that we had left that all behind, to have a fulfilling and simpler lifestyle yet have all the creature comforts life can afford without jamming them down someone else's throat. To be able to raise our daughter and hopefully someday her siblings to be responsible, respectful adolescents and adults. Yesterday showed true that my child, thank God is not a snotty little rich kid and that the environment of people, friends and surrounding truly do influence your children.

So for any of my Mommy friends that read this, or anyone who is involved with me through this blog, thank you, thank you for keeping me grounded, and if I ever get out of control please, please remind me I could be A. Grounded yes, I am but you know can't be everything all the time, MEOW, HISSSSSSSSSSSSS.



  • At 12:55 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    Oh, pah. That is "rediculous."

    Trust me, if you ever get too big for your britches, I'll knock some sense into you. A nice week at PAM with the girls will do you some good. ;)

  • At 8:03 PM, Blogger Mandy said…

    Yeah...what she said! *grin*


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