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Saturday, August 06, 2005

R.S.V.P and a rant.....

So what does R.S.V.P. mean to you? Technically it is the term used to have one respond to an event, I beleive it is french for "reserve se vou plea" meaning "reserve please". Well apparently 25 of my "friends" don't have a clue as to it's term, and apparently after having DH call them to see if they were coming, they are and must have thought they were the only ones on my mind and I truly am cooking just for them.

So I am still sick, full of snot sick not take to the bed and draw the curtains sick but enough that I am certainly uncomfortable. A call into Dr. Fantatsic yesterday yeilded permission for tylenol and some nasal spray, which actually helps, but I won't admit it because it only brings me to about 65 % of my usual sparkly 110%. teee heeee. Boy oh boy, I hope that next week I find out I am pregnant.

Which leads me to, another dream, twins, the second one in the last 2 weeks. In the entire time I have been TTC I have yet to dream of a baby, now I am. Please God let this be a sign. Twins would be a blessing, I would be nuttier than I am but WOW.

OK, where the hell is my DH? OH down at coworkers house setting up for his surprise party....hummmmm, how about cleaning up and setting up for YOUR OWN DAMN BBQ!!!!! He may get stabbed really, truly, he is pissing me off, not PMS pissing me off just dumbfounded pissing me off. Let me run a disclaimer....I always threaten to stab him, it's an idle threat, would never happen and if he turns up stabbed somewhere, well I had nothing to do with it, it's just what I say and have said for the last 11 years. Hummm, and he still loves me, must be that comment he makes about tossing me into the robo-can.....LOL


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