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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Too much TV????

So I sit here tonight after sinking to new lows in my television veiwing, I just sat through an hour and a half of "Tommy Lee Goes to College". OK what is wrong with me? How about picking up a book? Sad thing is I have been very selective in my TV viewing habits as of late, I given up watching Punk'd, Growing Up Gotti, The Girls Next Door, Filthy Rich, Cattle Drive...see the pattern of trash TV veiwing?????? I actaully watched Morgan Spurlock's "Supersize Me" over the weekend and now will never ever again eat at Mc Donald's EVER EVER AGAIN!!!! I am now currently scutinizing everything we put into our mouths. This isn't hard for me to do either as prior to meeeting my now DH, I would be in the gym for 3 hours a day, a NO red meat ever past these lips, and that really continued at least the red meat part until becoming pregnant with the Princess. I was in fabulous shape, that was then, this is now. Currently I am 25 pounds over weight, and it makes me sick but I can work myself up over other things, like TTC or which Mommy is a MORON.
Or last nights viewing of National Geographic's Inside 9/11 which of course made me cry, but was very good. While sobbing and thinking of my dear friend, a Bon Jovi commercial came on, something that would draw my attention away from me for a moment, mocking me as to say "yeah, I am gone but I am watching you, you know it, lmao at you". I know he is here with me, always.

So I blog about nothing really, Princess is in bed, DH is not home from work yet, no one to IM with, and just waiting to get pregnant again.

Add another baby to our lives and health for all and my life would be perfect, sure I'll complain about something, you gotta do what you are good at right?


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