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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Been gone for a spell and now this...

Soooo, I have lots to tell but this is where I am today!!! I am not happy.

OK this AM I woke up feeling pretty crappie, probably nothing more than a common cold but with a killer post nasal drip....BUT I had a full blown panic attack, which for me is throwing up, which wasn't hard to do as the drip alone was making me ill..., and then I feel as though I am passing out, and loose control of my motor skills, it's just swell, I have had panic and anxiety disorder since I was little but only a few full blown attacks, usually if I am in a large crowd, IE a concert or a crowded store or my last 2 major ones were on 9/12/2001, due to the attacks at the WTC and I lost my best friend, and this year when I MC'd. SOOOOOOOOOOOO

I am supposed to have my IUI in the AM (friday), I asked the nurse this AM about being sick and did she think it was wasting an IUI becuse of the illness, she said she didn't think so, but I really don't care for her she scewed my July IUI up. Part of my panic attack is that I feel we are running out of ART coverage, because I am sick do you think we should just do timed relations this month or IUI? DH just went to get the IUI kit, and he was going to ask the MD while he is there.

What do you all think????


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