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Monday, October 17, 2005

An Essay by the Crazy Mama

Our weekend started off with a trip to the local library, where, I had on hold the book "The Infertility Survival Handbook, Everything You Never Thought You'd Need To Know" by Elizabeth Swire Falker. Of course the book sent over from another branch could not be immediately located....as I waited patiently for the book to be found, the situation turns to the one common in television, the man purchasing the feminine hygiene products for the woman in his life, you know the "PRICE CHECK ON TAMPONS, PLEASE" only this is "CAN ANYONE FIND THE BOOK ON INFERTILITY FOR THIS WOMAN HERE?", I jokingly say "ahhh hot topic, I guess." The librarian, with no children of her own through choice, decides to clue me in that infertility is from all of the pesticides and chemicals we consume...I gesture to Princess who is waiting with her Dada in the childrens section, so then she clues me in that all children born after 2001 are doomed...this based on her viewing of a Star Trek episode...thankfully at this point my book is found, and I depart with a "Have a nice day!" Good Lord...

The trip to the library was followed by an uneventful visit with the inlaws, I dare say anything as things are going quite well with our visits and I do not want to jinx myself...

Saturday was spent on an adventure, pumpkin picking with a hayride, mum selection at a real mum farm, and a bargain, $2.25 a mum, and they are huge, actually too huge but too late!!! A trip to the winery, tee heee, that the Princess thought was the best part, cause they gave her cheese, and apple picking for the very first time for all of us. We had so very much fun and only once, just once did I think about the infertility situation, while on the hayride back from selection of the 3 most perfect pumpkins, the family across from us had a 2 1/2 year old with a 2 month old, and the Dad said..."just one?", we smiled and shook our heads, "for now?" innocent as may be, why do people ask? Could I have 3 others just not with me at this time? Could she be the youngest of 5? Harmless I know but it irked me.

This mornings conversation at breakfast with Princess included the statement regarding a classmate, "I can't wait to go see Nicholas at school today...his face is so cute like mine." We dare not tease her or she will rebel, but it was just so very cute, I asked her teacher which one was he and well of course my Princess has such very good taste in men. I don't know if she will inform her arranged marriage partner, Logan, of this but I hear he also has an interest at school. What to do?

Off to pick up Princess and supplies for the many Halloween events planned.....


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