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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A wonderful man...

My husband is a wonderful man...This I know, everyday. We have been together 11 years tomorrow. Last night he showed me again why I married him, twice actually, yesterday was our third wedding anniversary, and on 1/31 we will celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. You see we married at the town hall the night before my insurance was to run out, we had a 25k wedding in the works but the insurance was more important, more important that we did not have to pay for it, the wedding well, we did. ( yes, do the math, Princess was born out of wedlock, I am a sinner!!!)

When he arrived home from work last night he had experienced, I believe for the first time, what in the last 2 years I have experienced with every news of finding out someone else was pregnant. You see, he drives to work with neighbors/coworkers husband and he told him the news of yet his wife's 5th pregnancy, this will be his second child, her fourth. When I told him of how she actually stood in our home and complained about being pregnant, that it wasn't in her time frame, and on and on she went, I wanted to scream, I politely said...Well, any baby is a good baby...and she still continued to moan. I could see the anger and frustration building in DH's face, over the course of the next few hours before bed and again this morning, he has shown me that he too is hurt and this I know, his heart breaks for me, for himself too I am sure, but he has bestowed so many compliments on me, reassuring me of what a wonderful Mom and wife I am. And this my friends is something that neighbors/coworkers wife and husband, well just don't have.

I didn't need this experience to know how much he loves me and what a wonderful father he is to Princess, he is so very caring, and my best friend, but it sure does make me feel good!!!!


  • At 9:11 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    awwww, we love him. :) Go B! (plus he gets the whole doormat/window licker thing.)


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